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DAFE Membership Etiquette

DAFE Membership Etiquette

An Excellent Reputation

DAFE has been fortunate to have established an excellent reputation with the amusement industry since it first formed: however, with safety being foremost in the minds of amusement parks today, several of them have requested that the groups hosting events with them submit written "codes of conduct." As such, we are reminding our members of some amusement park etiquette that we already follow.

Set a positive example

Follow all park rules and policies, such as: regulations regarding use of safety devices and restraints, safety instructions during behind the scenes tours, line-jumping, and on-ride camera policy. Members bypassing safety devices or ignoring other safety rules on any type of ride many have their memberships terminated without a refund. Any complaints from amusement parks to DAFE will be investigated and acted upon accordingly. Any member acting in a manner detrimental to DAFE's reputation may have their membership terminated without a refund.
If there is no camera policy posted, it is preferable to ask the ride operator if it is allowed. If so, insure that the camera is held securely, preferably with a tight wrist strap. If you don't have a way to secure it, please don't take it. Some rides say "no flash pictures": it is best to ask if non-flash photos or video taping are allowed.
DAFE members bringing guests to DAFE events are responsible to insure that their guests also follow rules and policies. Guests or members that violate those rules may be asked to leave the event and the park without a refund.
Members and guests at DAFE events must wear their name tag or button since it identifies event participants for inclusion for lunch and Exclusive Ride Times.
Members may not use their membership in DAFE to ask for free or discounted admission to any park or attraction that has not offered a discount to all DAFE members or members of all amusement park groups.
Members are encouraged to write articles for Dark Times, but members may not represent themselves as DAFE board members, officers, or "official" writers or photographers. They may inquire about doing a story on a ride or attraction and mention that they are DAFE members, however. If a member intends to discuss doing a story for DAFE with a park or attraction, it is preferred, but not required, that they notify the DAFE board before hand. (The board could supply a letter of introduction if necessary.)
If you request permission to photograph a darkride and they decline, thank them politely. It has been our experience that some parks may change their minds. Let them come to you. If you intend to do a story, it is preferred that you contact the park in advance and try to schedule a visit before the park opens. Always follow up with a thank you letter, even if they decline your request.
Any member being interviewed by the media should speak positively about the park or attraction in question and avoid negative criticism. It is also suggested that when speaking to park representatives about attractions that negative comments also be avoided if possible, especially if park patrons are present. Instead use constructive criticism.
Remember, if you visit a park wearing a DAFE shirt (always welcome) that you are representing our group.
Thanks for helping DAFE achieve an excellent reputation!