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DAFE Projects

One of the goals of DAFE is to assist in the restoration, continuance, and promotion of attractions in our field of interest. This page will highlight the projects we are currently assisting with.

Below are some of the past project that DAFE has been involved with.

The DAFE Fright Zone Project

DAFE members in the Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania areas recently volunteered their talents to clean up and restore the FRIGHT ZONE darkride at the Erieview Park at Geneva On The Lake, Ohio. This, the first hands on DAFE restoration project has been an overwhelming success. Much of the cosmetic restoration was accomplished before the start of the 2002 season.



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The Oklahoma City Project

Oklahoma City ProjectSynopsis: Tom Gore with the Oklahoma Air National Guard has for the past few years created a haunted walkthrough at the air base during Halloween. This non-profit event was for the benefit of Air Force personnel and their families as part of the "Just Say No To Drugs Program."
For 2001, he has decided to create a darkride for their enjoyment. Not just any darkride, but an authentic Pretzel darkride complete with spinning cars. When he accomplishes that goal, he may have the only darkride in the country with cars that still spin (most others have had the cars locked to stop the rotation.)


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The Fort Edmonton Park Project

Fort Edmonton Park ProjectSynopsis: Sharon Abbott is a member of a group involved with researching and planning an addition to the current Fort Edmonton Park in Alberta, Canada. The park includes a historic recreation of one of the five Forts that were once in the Edmonton area. The first of forts was constructed in 1795 and the recreation shows the fort as it was in 1846.
As time has gone by they have expanded the park with historic "streets" featuring different eras. Each street itself is a living museum depicting life as it was many years ago.
Their latest project is to create an authentic circa 1920 midway. Sharon and her committee are charged with doing the research, the business plan, the physical layout of the midway, locating or building rides and to make the whole project look as authentic as possible.
Specifically, Sharon is tasked with researching and designing a Mirror Maze and a House of Horrors.

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Other Projects - Devoted to non-DAFE projects.

The House of Shock Darkride Project

Synopsis: The House of Shock is a New Orleans based "horror show" that was began by Phil Anselmo of Pantera as a way to have fun on Halloween. It has gained national notoriety as one of the best haunted houses in the country, and this year (2002) a large amount of capital and thousands of hours of volunteer time have been spent on "The Dark Ride", a brand new addition to the House of Shock. Designed by Doug Ferguson, of, the ride is the first totally new Pretzel-type dark ride built in over 20 years. Doug has added digital sound cues, two speed custom built upholstered cars, and a very intricate control system to bring the Pretzel into the 21st century.

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If you can help with information, materials, or would like to volunteer some time to assist with any of these projects, please let us know.