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2011 Member Survey Results

Thanks to everyone that returned their surveys this year. This year we see a lot of familiar parks and attractions as well as some new ones making the lists. We asked what park you’d like to see add a walkthrough attraction and Cedar Point and Kennywood topped the list with Knoebels close behind.

We also asked if you could bring back one darkride from the past which would it be. Overwhelmingly, Kennywood’s defunct Le Cachot was the most cited ride.

What was the most-named funny or humorous darkride? Holiday World’s Gobbler Getaway topped the list. Another new category this year was favorite 3-D or 4-D (theater style) attraction. The winner was Vision 3-D atDisney’s Hollywood Studios with Universal Studios Florida’s Shrek 4-D just a few footsteps behind.

Darkride Favorites

Favorite "Dark Attraction Park"

For the first time in nine years, Kennywood Park was bumped from its pedestal as the favorite park that has dark attractions and we have a new winner – Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It was a very close race with the Magic Kingdom, Kennywood, Waldameer Park and Knoebels all within several votes of each other.

Top Ten Favorite Orlando, FL Dark Attractions

Top Ten Favorite Darkrides

Top Ten Favorite Walkthrough Attractions


Complete survey results are in the Spring 2011 issue of Barrel O' Fun.