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2012 Member Survey Results

Thanks to everyone that returned their surveys this year as well as to Noreen and Tony Ubinas, Pam and Brian Kanai, Sue and Rick Davis, Ron Ferri, Sean Malloy, and Mike Homza who spent several hours tallying the results.
As usual, we see a lot of familiar rides and attractions on our list this year as well as several new ones. Several great attractions opened last season; one of them making our top ten list. Expect to see them rise on the lists as more members experience them.
When asked "Do you like the new look of DAFE's Daffy Klub web site?" 87% of the respondents liked the new web site, 13% didn't respond and there were no "no" votes and no negative comments. One thing that has been asked for and that we've planned to do for a long time, is the addition of "member's only" pages to the web site as well as PDF copies of Barrel O' Fun magazine. We are happy to announce that we are doing both! Members may now go to the members pages and download any or all past issues of Barrel O' Fun.
You will have to register for access the first time and your name and membership number will be checked against our current member data base. Once you receive an email reply, you will just have to log in each time you visit.
In the future, we hope to start adding reference material such as old catalogs, advertising, brochures, etc. If you have any material to add, please let us know.
When asked if DAFE should someday change it's name to the "Dark Attraction and Funhouse Enthusiasts", 52% do not want to see DAFE's name changed, 30% do, 18% don't care or didn't answer.
When asked to rate DAFE's events, 30% thought our events are execellent, 5% said good, 65% didn't attend or didn't answer.
What do they like about the events?
What don't you like?
How can we improve our next event?

Favorite Park:

Kennywood was the winner for the ninth time in ten years, followed by Knoebels, Waldameer, Disneyland, and the Magic Kingdom® close behind.

Favorite Darkride of Specific Types:

Knoebels Haunted Mansion was the top traditional darkride for the tenth year in a row.
Disney's Magic Kingdom's® Haunted Mansion® was the favorite modern darkride.
Ghostwood Estate, at Kennywood, was the favorite interactive darkride.
For the first time one of Sally Corp's darkrides topped one of our categories, Playland's Ye Old Mill was voted favorite water darkride. Sally Corp, and R&R Creative Design teamed up to modernize this classic old mill.
Disney Hollywood Studio's® Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ was the top hybrid darkride.

Top Ten Favorite Darkrides (of any type)

Top Ten Walkthrough Attractions

Top Ten Disney Attractions

Top Ten Future Event Location Suggestions

Kennywood 10
NYC Area 9
West Coast 7
Knoebels 7
Ocean City MD/Rehoboth 4
Niagara Falls 4
Indiana Beach 4
Gatlinburg/Dollywood 4
Florida 4
Lake George, NY 4

Complete survey results are in the Spring 2012 issue of Barrel O' Fun.