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Become a member of DAFE to take advantage of exclusive opportunities available only to members. Some benefits of being a DAFE member are: group events with exclusive ride time, and lights out and lights on walkthroughs, member only discounts, our quarterly publication of Dark Times magazine, and access to all of the past issues of Dark Times  delivered through the Daffy Klub web site (you must register separately on the Daffy Klub web site once your membership is processed).
Please review the DAFE membership etiquette here.
DAFE members can sign up or renew their memberships either online, or via mail. If you wish to complete the membership/renewal via paper, please click here to download our membership application, complete, and send your check to:
PO Box 484
Vienna, OH 44473-0484
If you wish to complete the membership/renewal online, you can use the online renewal at the DAFE Store